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    NS 947 549
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    South Lanarkshire
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Wilsontown Ironworks


The monument was first scheduled in 1968. It is being rescheduled to extend protection to cover a larger and more representative part of the archaeologically sensitive area.

The monument comprises the remains of Wilsontown Ironworks and ancilliary outworks, limekilns, coal mines, tramways and workers' acommodation, surviving as upstanding and buried features. The monuments are situated in rough pasture and within forestry plantations between 280-290m O.D.

The area proposed for scheduling comprises the remains as described and an area around them within which related material may be expected to be found. It is irregular in shape, with maximum dimensions of 900m N-S by 680m E-W, as marked in red on the accompanying map extract. The remains of the structures identified as Wilsontown store and inn are excluded from the schedule, where the current owner has intimated a desire to restore this as a dwelling. The surface of the modern paths within the proposed scheduled area are also excluded from the schedule.

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