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Rosslyn Chapel,ecclesiastical and related remains,Roslin


This monument is the remains, largely archaeological, of the buildings associated with the collegiate Church of Rosslyn built by Sir William Sinclair in the mid-fifteenth century.

The upstanding remains include the western buttresses of the church of St. Matthew (which Rosslyn Chapel replaced) and the front wall of several domestic buildings on the road leading to Rosslyn Castle, now incorporated into a boundary wall. In addition the area beneath the present chapel which is not presently in ecclesiastical use is to be included in this scheduling; this includes burial vaults, chambers and the archaeology associated with the building of the chapel. The scheduling also includes substantial areas of what is now open ground. Recent explorative work appears to have found more evidence of occupation around the Chapel and the nearby castle.

Those parts of the Chapel itself which are in ecclesiastical use are excluded from scheduling, as are certain other areas, principally dwelling houses and those parts of the burial grounds in regular use at present.

The area to be scheduled is bounded by a line which, from the gate across the lane leading to Rosslyn Castle, follows the W side of the lane N before curving round to the W, following the top of the slope down to the River Esk. The line continues S of St. Matthew's Well and curves round the top of the promontory to the W of the well to join up with the path which divides the woodland from the field to the N. The line follows this path in a NE direction up to the cemetery caretaker's shed where it turns SE, crossing to the return angle of the E part of the cemetery. It then follows the wall of the cemetery round to the entrance at the N before crossing the lane and following the wall of the E cemetery round to the S and back up the E side to the lane. Following the E side of the lane as it heads N, the line crosses Chapel Loan and follows the N side of Chapel Loan before turning N to skirt the N side of the small field between Rosslyn Chapel and Slatebarns Farm. From the E corner of this field the line crosses the lane leading to Rosebank Cottages and follows the stone wall which marks the boundary of the field to the E of the Chapel. It then follows the approximate line of the 115m OS contour in order to include a slight terrace which is reported to have contained structures. The line then completes the circuit at the Castle's modern gate. The area is irregular in shape with maximum overall dimensions of 316m N-S by 390m WSW-ENE, as marked in red on the accompanying map.

Exluded from scheduling within the area thus circumscribed are the Chapel itself and its sacristy, which as parts of a working church are excluded by statute (but not the burial vaults, chambers and ground lying below the Chapel and sacristy), the buildings to the N of the Chapel which face onto Chapel Loan and those plots within the scheduled section of the cemetery where burial rights still exist.

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